Hollywood Is a Surprising Ally to Animals

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Hollywood is often dismissed as an industry that will do whatever it takes to save a buck and get the job done, no matter who gets hurt. But did you know that, for the most part, they’re actually willing to spend money and even delay a job’s completion to ensure that not even an animal gets hurt.

This is because the majority of films, TV shows, and commercials that use animals are governed by the American Humane organization’s Guidelines for the Safe Use of Animals in Filmed Media. American Humane monitors the TV…

But they need to fact-check better

It was the fact-check heard around the world. In late May, Twitter added a label to two of U.S. President Donald Trump’s tweets concerning mail-in voting. The labels linked to an article which counteracted Trump’s claims. It’s the first time Twitter had taken such action against his tweets.

Trump’s response was predictably furious, accusing the platform of ‘stifling FREE SPEECH’ — an interesting accusation seeing as they left Trump’s tweets intact and just added something under them. By adding extra details into the discussion, they allowed for more robust debate and actually aided free speech. But anyway…

On the 3rd…

Markos Hasiotis

Writer • Fact man

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